Sunday, January 10, 2016

running to Mordor: Crickhollow

Today I passed the first milestone to Mordor. The hobbit party traveled 18 miles on their first day:

23 September T.A. 3018 -- Frodo sets out for Crickhollow along with Sam and Pippin. One of the Black Riders comes to Hobbiton at nightfall. [LotR Project]

We had a pretty awful long run this morning -- it rained the entire time, and there was a nasty headwind every time we were facing east. 28 people braved the weather and earned complaining rights. I brought a batch of Muddy Buddies for the crowd at Starbucks afterwards.

I had two swims this week, the second with a fresh pair of goggles that I am hiding from my cat. When I bought the second pair at RR on Wednesday, the assistant manager commented that his dog eats his goggles as well. Crazy.

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